Anti-phishing and Anti-rogue Solution For Leading Banks Of Gujarat

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Anti-phishing and Anti-rogue Solution For Leading Banks Of Gujarat

Anti-phishing and Anti-rogue Solution For Leading Banks Of Gujarat


According to RBI guidelines, banks at Level 2 or higher must have a cybersecurity framework. It is required for all banks to deal with highly sensitive data. ECS has helped many banks in a queue to help them implement the latest cybersecurity solutions and hence provide better services to their customers.

All these Cooperative Banks have headquartered in Gujarat, and own a renowned name in the Indian banking sector. The branches are located in different districts of Gujarat. All the banking Cooperative banks have positioned themselves with global trends along their distinctive, exceptional, high-tech, and quick facilities & products.

Case Challenges:

  • Being thebanks their assets retained highly sensitive information and important data.
  • Owing to the guidelines & compliances formed by RBI that require banks in India for creating and putting in place advanced cyber defense tools and solutions.
  • Our banking clients were keenly searching for a cyber security solution provider in India who can provide them with comprehensive assistance in protecting their organization by enforcing anti-phishing solutions.
  • They approached us to assist them in integrating anti-phishing solutions into their system to assuring advanced securitysolution
  • Apart from all this, we had to provide solution in specific timeline.

How ECS Provided Solution to various Banks?

We helped our banking clients by providing them with Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue Services. This Anti-Phishing Service recognizes phishing menaces as they emerge and releases the shutdown of phishing websites to stop them even before harm is caused.

The solution includes –

  1. The anti-phishing service keeps track of any new phishing attempts on the internet. It monitors Phish feeds, social media, and mobile platforms.
  2. Monitoring of password breaches for up to 5 email addresses along with Dark Web surveillance.
  3. Comes with unlimited phishing attempts and takedownpowered with AI and machine learning algorithms.
  4. Takedown of up to five trademark or copyright infringement incidents.
  5. Immediate safeguard from urgent phishing attacks via Quick Priority Takedowns. In this, within 10 minutes of reporting, actions will be taken against the attacker or threat.
  6. Includes quarterly compliance reporting for better safety standards.
  7. Tracking the progress on the Incident portal


  • We provided the requiredsolution to the banking clients within given timel
  • As the clients arein banking sector we made sure that all their important data are securely protected from any anti-phishing threats.
  • Our team successfully assisted the clientsin implementing the anti-phishing and anti-rogue solution.
  • Regular report has been submitted. Including quarterly reports for helping our clients better, so that they can keep the track of
  • The team of ECS experts offered them 24*7*365 Support.


At ECS we never leave any stone unturned to protect our customers from any possible cyber threats and vulnerabilities. As a Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Provider In India , We have assisted many banking customers in integrating anti-phishing and anti-rogue solutions successfully.

We have a history of offering consistent support, regular updates, in-depth security reports, and other services to help support our clients each time they put their trust in us. Hence, we’ll keep on striving to provide our clients with the top cyber security services around-the-clock.