Strengthening Email Security and Conducting Forensic Investigations

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Strengthening Email Security and Conducting Forensic Investigations

Strengthening Email Security and Conducting Forensic Investigations

Client Background

 A special company, which operates in the context of logistics and supply chain management experienced a lot of difficulties with IT securing of e-mail communication. Since they engaged with suppliers, partners, and clients throughout the day through their various communication channels, they were especially susceptible to phishing attacks as well as the numerous spam messages and probable data leakages.


Some of the most immediate issues that the logistics company was experiencing included threats of employee identity theft through fake emails that were designed to capture personal information, high incidence of spam mails generally carrying virus, and improvement and unauthorized access of the operations’ highly sensitive logistical information. These issues posed a danger to the safety of their operations as well as relations with their clients besides acting as a hindrance to productivity.

 Solution Delivered

The logistics firm engaged ECS Infotech to help them deploy an efficient email security solution that would meet the firm’s requirements. Our solution included:

  1. Advanced Threat Protection: Integrating the machine learning and AI to block and prevent real time phishing attempts, malware and other malicious activities.
  2. Spam Filtering: Using complex programs to screen and prevent the invasion of spams and other unwanted messages from penetrating the employees’ mailbox.
  3. Email Forensics Investigation: The deliverables include the technological equipment, resources, and solutions for the outlook of conducting in-depth inquiries into email-linked occurrences, tracking the root cause of threats, and obtaining useful intelligence.

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The implementation of ECS Infotech’s email security solution yielded significant results:

  1. Reduced Phishing Incidents: A drastic reduction of success rates of the phishing attacks, improving the general security status.
  2. Improved Productivity: In other words, emails from spammers and malignant applications would have been banned, sparing employee time by freeing them from inundation in unnecessary messages.
  3. Enhanced Forensic Capabilities: The opportunity to effectively solve problems of conducting email forensics investigating helped the logistics company to minimize potential threats, and guarantee the integrity of information that is stored in the company’s mailbox.


Through the collaboration with ECS Infotech, the logistics company was able to bring some improvements to the overall email security and acquired the proper tools for carrying out deep analysis of the communication processes. Besides, this provided not only the protection of their Enhanced Data but also, an increase in efficiency of operations.

ECS Infotech stands firm to offer the best email threat protection services and assist such companies and this leading logistics firm to deal with such convoluted cybersecurity issues.