Pharmaceutical Companies Are At Higher Risk For Cybersecurity

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Pharmaceutical Companies Are At Higher Risk For Cybersecurity

Pharmaceutical Companies Are At Higher Risk For Cybersecurity

The pharmaceutical sector has become one of the top targets in terms of seeking to exploit digital vulnerabilities. Hackers breach important data and ask for a ransomed amount for it. This means that continually assessing the cybersecurity policy and having a back-up plan is of great importance.

Cybersecurity risks to pharmaceutical companies are not simply the result of an internal error or accidental actions by hackers, for companies in this sector are being purposefully targeted.

The cybersecurity strategy needs to be far more sophisticated than simply erecting a firewall or ensuring that anti-virus software is up-to-date, such as ensuring that current security patches have been downloaded. In addition, the cybersecurity strategy needs to be continually proactive in seeking to uncover potential vulnerabilities and addressing them before they can be exploited.

Many Companies have become the victim of ransomware at times during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The final step to avoid such risk goes for cyber security service provider  and internal cyber audit.

Emerging Threat in the Pharmaceuticals:

Talk to any seasoned IT security professional in the pharmaceutical world and you will uncover a host of security violations. Overall, employees and contract workers pose the greatest security risk to pharma and account for the majority of security violations and approximately 50% of all data thefts.

Example of the Recent Ransomware attack on Pharma Company:

  • Indian pharmaceutical company Lupin has confirmed an ‘information security incident’ that has affected multiple internal systems.
  • The incident comes within weeks of a ransomware attack on Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.
  • The average cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry is $7.3 million — 84% higher than the global average across all sectors.

Another common threat is an unidentified system vulnerability. Data accessing point was blocked. This can appear on the screen as antivirus software and charge a fee to fix it. ­­As being a pharmaceutical company along with important citations, security and data is also a crucial segment. Thus it should be assigned to consult one of the finest cybersecurity for cyber security and VAPT audit service.

Solution ECS provides

When cyber-attack for ransom were happening in the pharmaceutical company, it is very obvious that their product is going to be hampered and ultimately affecting the yearly business targets. So they seek help from VAPT and SOC Audit service provider in Gujarat that is ECS. Our biggest challenge was to recover their data without any kind of debilitation.

The time any pharma company approached us, we promise them to give our best service. ECS provides the security solution as per the organization’s need.

  • ECS explained the process of detecting and bringing the solution to their problem.
  • Our team explained the importance of Cybersecurity and internal Audit service for their business suggested for implementation.
  • A real-time threat protection solution was provided to them.
  • The procedure was done for data security.
  • We configured the firewall setup which will increase their system security.
  • Solved their data breach concern.

Our 5 step Resolution

ECS gave them a five-step solution for their Cyber Security Audit Service.


Pharmaceutical companies must understand the risks and vulnerabilities within their firms as well as third party exposure. However, the nature of the business and value of the pharmaceutical intensifies these risks by attracting sophisticated, crime syndicates as well as disgruntled employees who can use stolen information to hijack drug shipments and replace them with dangerous counterfeits. Pharmaceutical companies can’t just buy security, but must genuinely buy into security.