The Definitive Guide to Cyber Security Operation Center in 2022

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The Definitive Guide to Cyber Security Operation Center in 2022

The Definitive Guide to Cyber Security Operation Center in 2022

Living in a digitally advanced world, we all know how important it is to look after your cyber security. People are becoming more aware of their cyber security compared to scenarios back in the early 2000s.

After the pandemic businesses and companies need to be more careful about cybersecurity as cyber attacks amid the Covid-19 pandemic rose by almost 300% last year in the country to reach 1,158,208 compared to 394,499 in 2019. Considering these numbers, we can see increasing numbers of CSOC (cyber soc) service providers in India, and these numbers are increasing rapidly over a period of time.

In this blog post we have talked all about the cyber security operation center, how CSOC works, and SOC center roles and responsibilities.

What Is CSOC?

A highly skilled ECS CSOC team will help you to manage 24/7/365 cyber threats and reduce security risks by using a combination of specific processes and technology solutions. CSOC’s major responsibilities include monitoring, analysing, correlating and escalating intrusion events. Moreover, it develops appropriate responses like protecting, detecting, and responding while conducting incident management and forensic investigation.

CSOC are designed to complete and be proactive in response to security incidents, protect mission-critical data and assets, predict the security attacks while minimising the impact, prepare and respond to cyber emergencies and implement security policy across the enterprise. To avail the best cybersecurity for your company, it is best to hire a CSOC to work for your organization.

How Does CSOC Work?

The main role of a CSOC (cyber soc) service provider is to defend against unauthorized activity on strategic networks. CSOC work includes monitoring, detection, analysis, response, and restoration activities. 

At ECS, as a SOC service provider, we are a network of security analysts organized to detect, analyze, respond to, and report on network security incidents on a 24/7/365 basis. As there are multiple CSOC (cyber soc) service providers in India, you will find different kinds of CSOC that are defined by their organizational and operational model rather than their core sets of capabilities.

SOC Center Roles and Responsibilities:

SOC service in India  includes three main roles – Detection, Investigation, and Response. 

Here is a brief detail about each role and responsibility of the SOC center.

  • Detection:

      The first thing that  ECS Cyber SOC does is to detect all kinds of cyber security threats. As the best SOC Service provider in Gujarat, we monitor and protect Endpoints, Users, Cloud Services, Applications, and On-Premises Networks, 24/7/365 days. 

Moreover, we continuously detect if there is any threat to your cyber security with a combination of processes and technology to detect potential harmful threats, which ensures that any malicious behavior can be blocked, preventing any damage before it is caused.

  • Investigation:

      Once the detection process is done it is followed by an investigation of all possible malicious activities to the nature of the threat, and to gauge how far it had already penetrated the IT infrastructure. 

A security analyst from the ECS Cyber SOC  team performs tests on the network and security from the perspective of a hacker to identify any weaknesses so they can be amended before they are exploited.

  • Response: 

      Last but not least in any way is the response step. As soon as the investigation is completed, ECS as a SOC service provider creates a response to the issue that includes performing tasks such as terminating potentially harmful processes and isolating endpoints. 

Additionally, CSOC (cyber soc) service provider is also responsible for restarting all systems when the attack has been appropriately and fully dealt with and it includes activities like wiping and restoring endpoints, recovering any lost or compromised files, and reconfiguring systems


With the rapidly changing world of threats and cybercrime, it is important for companies to have the best SOC service providers working for them. Working with ECS Cyber SOC ensures that your business gets required procedures for threat detection. If you are looking for a SOC service in India ECS as a SOC service provider  can definitely help you with that. We have a team of a highly diversified and experienced team of cybersecurity professionals who oversee cybersecurity for some of the world’s largest organizations.

Book a customized security consultation today with one of our Security experts to help you determine your security operations needs.