The Ultimate Guide To Digital Forensics When It Is Needed?

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The Ultimate Guide To Digital Forensics When It Is Needed?

The Ultimate Guide To Digital Forensics When It Is Needed?


In this digital era, cyber security is no longer optional for businesses as digital crimes are increasing daily. Cyber security help businesses save themselves from digital crime. But, do you wonder how experts of this industry collect the evidence and what is that process called? Digital forensicsis the answer. Digital forensics was known as computer science. It is an application of science to determine the scientific methods of the digital attacks or harms.

Digital forensics helps organizations to find the digital evidence for locating the attackers. Read further to know what digital forensics is, when required, and why it is necessary for this digital era.

What Are Digital Forensics?

Digital Forensics is a branch of forensics science. It includes recovering and investigating digital data or electronic data. The ultimate goal of forensics is to find the evidence in its most original form by conducting a structured examination that follows collecting, identifying, validating the digital information to reform the past events.

The court of law is accepted to find the digital evidence; it must be managed in a particular and specific way. So, criminals don’t temper the digital evidence. A general process is followed, including identification, preservation, analysis, documentation, and presentation.

From the business perspective, digital forensics is an essential part of the incident response process. The investigation is held under digital forensics and works as the evidence that becomes helpful for law enforcement.

When Is Digital Forensics Needed?

Digital forensics is important in multiple ways to enterprises or small businesses. It allows leveraging the benefit of protecting the organization’s data and finding out the hackers for law enforcement. In the following ways, there is a need for digital forensics.

  • Digital forensics is required when corporate information is disclosed without permission intentionally or accidentally.
  • When someone steals essential information of company’s and sells it to competitors for personal or monetary benefits.
  • When an employee uses the office internet for performing illegal activities, in such case, computer forensics helps to know when and how the illegal activities happened.
  • Analysis of damaged occurs when an incident takes place.
  • To identify the general criminal cases because criminals sometimes store information in computers.
  • It allows identifying the cause and possible intent of a cyberattack.
  • It also allows enhancing the security of the computer systems retracing the hacker’s steps and finding hackers’ tools.
  • Performing a search for the data access/exfiltration.
  • Allows to track the cybercriminals from anywhere in the world
  • If data or networks are compromised, digital forensics helps companies capture the necessary information.

Why Is Digital Forensics Important?

Digital crimes are increasing day by day with technology. For example, ransomware is an evolving form of malware that encrypts the files on devices and releases the data attackers ask for money. As per Illinois, the ten biggest ransomware attacks happened and caused damage.

So, in order to save your organization from such attacks or if attacks happen, then to retrace the steps of hackers, digital forensics plays an important role.

Opting for digital forensics solutions can help you get the answers to the questions below:

  1. Which networks, software applications, computer system or files were affected in your business?
  2. How did the attack incident occur?
  3. What were the tools and methods used in an attack?
  4. What data or information has been stolen or damaged from your networks or computers?
  5. From which place did the attack come and intervene in the computer systems?

On top of that, Digital evidence is data stored or transmitted in binary code form on which the court may rely. In short, digital forensics becomes essential to examine the information if compromised.

Companies follow the process to know whether the information was compromised, copied, or distributed to any other network. This allows ensuring the task as fast as possible action to protect consumers’ sensitive data. Because in this digital era, data is a new gold.

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Digital Forensics Services That We Provide at ECSbiztech

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  • Email Forensics
  • Insider Threat Analysis
  • Incidence Management

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