Top 5 Ransomware Attacks in India to Watch Out for in 2023

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Top 5 Ransomware Attacks in India to Watch Out for in 2023

Top 5 Ransomware Attacks in India to Watch Out for in 2023

Ransomware attacks are increasing highly in numbers and intensity by passing every year. 2022 was the year of ransomware attacks. India has faced 3950 attacks, 22 billion records, and $150 million will be paid for ransom in 2022.

According to indianexpress, , cybersecurity firm revealed that a recent report that Indian organizations paid an average of $1.2 million ransom paid to hackers and got their data decrypted.

10% or more of these victimized organizations coughed up more than $1 million in ransom attacks. A report has confirmed that there were 707 ransom attempts per organization during the first half of 2022.

According to the Global Cybersecurity Outlook  report indicated, 125% of cyber-attacks increase between 2021 and 2022 – and this trend goes as well for 2023. Let us fetch the details of the 2022 ransomware attacks in India.

Top 5 Ransomware Attacks in India :

  • Ransomware Attack in February 2022– Jawaharlal Nehru Port Container Terminal (JNPCT)

India’s only state-owned and operated container terminal Jawaharlal Nehru Port Container Terminal (JNPCT)  was reported to have begun turning away ships after a ransomware attack. JNPCT is India’s largest container port and one of five container terminals. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust handled half of all the containers in India. The local reports discovered the attack on 21st February and began diverting ships to the other terminals in a complex located near Mumbai.

  • Ransomware Attack in May 2022– SpiceJet Airline:

Indian airline SpiceJet faced ransomware attacks on 24th, May or Tuesday night, which slowed the departure of flights the next morning. It troubles hundreds of passengers stuck in the airport and stranded in several locations in the country. Airline posted on Twitter and confirmed that its system had faced ransomware attacks.

  • Ransomware Attack in July 2022– Water Resources Department in Goa:

A ransomware attack was carried out on 21st June in the most responsible organization – Water Resources Department in Goa, India . This organization is responsible for flood monitoring systems across all over the regions of Goa. These ransomware attackers have demanded to pay cryptocurrency for the data to be released.

  • Ransomware Attack in Oct 2022– Tata Power:

India’s largest integrated power company – Tata Power , faced ransomware attacks on 14th Oct. These attacks impacted their IT infrastructure and system. They have immediately taken steps to restore or retrieve the systems.

  • Ransomware Attack in Nov 2022–  All India Institute of Medical Service or AIIMS:

India’s leading public medical institute — All India Institute of Medical Service or AIIMS , experienced a cyber-attack on 23rd November. This attack affects hundreds of patients and doctors accessing primary healthcare services, including discharge, billing, and patient admission system.

Watch Out for Ransomware Attacks In 2023

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Wrap Up

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