What is Secured Cloud? How ECS Keep your organization’s Information Safe?

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What is Secured Cloud? How ECS Keep your organization’s Information Safe?

What is Secured Cloud? How ECS Keep your organization’s Information Safe?

A data center is the heart of every organization. It is just like a gold bar that you have in your hand. So, it is your responsibility to save or lock it from the different threats that could compromise a business’s integrity, confidential information, and availability of business information assets. Data center security is the most effective way to protect your precious data in the organisation.

It combines cutting-edge technologies, procedures and policies that provide scalable, secure and eco-friendly Its solutions to drive your business growth. It ultimately secures your data from cyber-attacks and other virtual threats. So, it is essential to choose reliable data center service provider in india who are expert in cybersecurity and shares the best practices on data center security. 

This article is all about the top leading data center service provider – how it can keep your precious data or gold bar safe from cyber-attacks. Before moving forward to details, let us get a quick overview of data center security.

What Is Data Center?

The data center is a space or physical location where you can store your organization’s essential programs and data. They were designed to build upon a computer network and storage assets that allow shared applications and data to be delivered. Data center security is effective technologies and procedures that are used for virtual and physical protection facilities.

ECS is a leading tier 4 data center in India which help to protect your organization’s data from internal and external threats. These threats include data loss, data corruption or alteration, SQL injection, tailgating, eavesdropping, DDoS attacks, and theft of intellectual property; all of these are types of cybercrime which pose a constant threat to data center infrastructure.

How Does ECS Keep Your Organization’s Information Safe?

ECS is a reputed data service center that provides top-notch, scalable, reliable cloud computing solutions per your business requirements. Our certified cloud technology expert constantly works with advanced technology and always ensures the safety of your critical data.

In addition, ECS follow the below best practices:

  • We provide Dedicated Server.

Choosing an ECS data center helps you to get world-class infrastructure to manage your precious data with unlimited storage or bandwidth. We help you to select a specialized dedicated server based on your business requirements. We offer easy-to-use and fully managed dedicated cloud server hosting services. With our in-house expert team, you will get 24/7 support and a maximum uptime guarantee.

  • We Offer a Secure Mailing Solution.

ECS offers secure, fast, and reliable mail service, which customers can get access for streaming online email communication. Our modern email hosting solutions help your organization with the same day. We also offer easy team collaboration, extra security login, and file storage for OS and OS compatibility. This mailing solution is 100% secure and spam protected.

  • We Offer Colocation Services.

ECS offers reliable, scalable, and secure colocation solutions. We ensure the maximum uptime guarantee in the industry with a powerful infrastructure. We own a high-density and hyper-scale data center that offers premier scalability with multiple redundancy levels. In addition, our data centers are built with Tier 4 standards which provide our clients safe and powerful collection data servers with the best technical support and infrastructure.

  • We Offer Disaster Recovery Solutions. 

Increasing the data amount will also increase the data risk, which might get lost. Still, if you choose ECS, you will get highly professional disaster recovery solutions to prevent losing your data. Data loss can affect overall business growth and affect current flow. Therefore, ESC has world-class infrastructure and end-to-end managed service to keep your business data secure and threat-free. Our expert team work on specialised plan DR drills to prevent data disaster for easy evaluation.

  • We Offer Cloud Data Backup Solutions.

ECS offer a scalable, flexible, and fast efficient storage as a service solution. We offer three different types of backup services such as Direct attached storage (DAS), Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). Our high-end and scalable cloud data backup solutions include:

  • Easy deployment and functionalities.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • In-house tech support.
  • Cost-effective and reliable storage as a service.

We guide large-scale organizations with huge data storage volumes with an advanced secure connection.

  • We Offer Virtual Private Server Hosting Services.

ECS provide a comprehensive platform for Virtual Private Server (VPS). This cloud service increase monitors capabilities and storage and enhances security. We understand the value of your precious data, so we provide scalable and most reliable VPS cloud hosting with 20X faster servers with a 99.99% uptime commitment.

Moreover, you will get different plans so that you can choose the best VPS hosting plan based on your business need. Our cost-saving VPS hosting solutions also offer hybrid and colocation-managed cloud solutions.

Wrap Up:

Make the right choice today by choosing the ECS tier 4 data center  in india . We will protect your data from internal and external threats. We follow best practices and advanced technology methods and ensure 100% data security. For details, call us now on +91 8980005006.