Why Does an Organization Need a 24*7 Managed SOC Solution?

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Why Does an Organization Need a 24*7 Managed SOC Solution?

Why Does an Organization Need a 24*7 Managed SOC Solution?


Enterprise organizations have a large number of data, and these large organizations process the data to improve their customer retention rate. But what can be the negative side of having such a large number of data? Data threat if your organization does not have proper security services installed.

As per the Cisco study, organizations that perform mature privacy practices get higher business benefits. These organizations are much better equipped with new and evolving privacy regulations worldwide.

So, the point is if you are an enterprise organization and following proper security protocol to make your clients’ data secure, then clients will surely trust your digital assets. To do so, one of the methods is SOC (security operation center). Let’s understand SOC in detail in this blog post.

What is Security Operation Center (SOC)?

SOC refers to a center consisting of security professionals that deals with the security issues of an organization. Their main work is to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats.

As security has become a more widespread concern for institutions, the SOC has become more available. Small-scale or medium enterprise-level organizations are at risk today, and to deal with such problems implementing better security measures is essential.

The SOC service is no longer necessary for organizations or regularities that only deal with sensitive data. Nowadays, it is becoming a more suitable option for every organization’s needs.

Moving further, let’s check out the advantages of SOC.

Advantages of a Hiring Managed Cyber SOC Service

With a SOC service, an organization can have better visibility on the network and processes continuous improvement in security measures. Additionally, it allows organizations to increase focus on security services to prevent and detect cyberattacks.

1. Continuous Monitoring Round the Clock

When you hire a managed SOC team, that team is fully responsible for your organisation’s security operations. This brings several important for your organization. The first benefit is that you get the 24/7* and 365 days support of security professionals. Another benefit is the cost-saving by avoiding hiring an in-house monitoring security solution around-the-clock.

To flag, any suspicious activities in your network, managed cyber SOC  experts will monitor and scan your network. If any suspicious activity is noticed, it will instantly create instant alerts of security threats and allow a team to prevent the threat before any harm could occur to your organization.

2. Instant Response to Incident

If a security attack remains for a longer time in your organization, then it does more damage to your organization. Additionally, it becomes more challenging to tackle the incident.

If some attackers inject malware, including persistence mechanisms, it becomes hard to remove from machines. This results in unrepairable damage to the organization and causes monetary losses.

In such cases, hiring a managed SOC team can help you to avoid such incidents. As you know, managed SOC team work around the clock and can instantly respond to that activity to prevent future risk.

3. Reduce in Cyber Costs

Maintaining strong corporate cybersecurity could be an expensive option. A company might require several resources, such as licenses to have comprehensive visibility, infrastructure, tools, and third-party resources. Instead, hiring a managed SOC team could only charge you for the services that you opt from them.

A professional cybersecurity team can help you avoid the redundancy of cybersecurity risk. If a data breach takes place, it can cost millions of dollars, or a successful ransomware attack can cost you a heavy amount.

So, these are some of the top benefits that you get by hiring a security operation center service . At the same time, the list of benefits is unending.


We hope you might have got answers to all your questions. Being a professional security operation center in India  we provide managed SOC service. Whether you are an enterprise or a small-scale business, we will help you make your network secure. Get in touch with us today.