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Why does your Organization need Email Security

Why does your Organization need Email Security

Do you know emails are the most common target of hackers to spread malware, phishing scams, and spam? According to the report of IBM, phishing attacks come under the top 3 attacks. In addition, the Phishing attacks grew from 31% to 33% in 2020.


There are five types of email threats as below that can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your company if your email database gets compromised:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Directory harvest attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Spoofing

Every SMB or enterprise-level company requires email security to protect its email domain. So, whether you are SMB or an enterprise-level company to protect your email domain, you require email security.

Emails are the indispensable and easiest way for companies to do internal communications and assign tasks. Basically, emails are internet-based services so that they can get damaged, hacked, or compromised.

Therefore, securing emails (especially in the organization) is essential because it is the core communication channel where all the information is present. Moving further, let us check some statistics on email security and email threats.

Some Statistics on Email Security Incident and Email Fraud

  • In the T2 of 2021,malicious emails grew by 7.3%compared to T1.
  • According to a survey by HornetSecurity, 1 out of 4 companies suffers from an email security breach.
  • According to Statista, 1001 data breaches occurred, and 155.8 million records were exposed.
  • Googlecompany blocking 18 million daily malware and phishing attacks related to COVID-19.

According to the above statics, email threats are increasing, and companies face data breaches, which affect the reputation of companies and their customers.

So, if you want to protect your email domain and don’t want to compromise your data, opting for email security solutions becomes the right choice. To find out the email security importance, keep on reading!

Why is Email Security Important?

There are two types of email services, the first is a web-based email service, and the second is a client-based email service.A web-based email service is an email service that can be operated using a web browser. For example, such email service providers are Gmail, AOL Mail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo.

On the other side, a client-based email is a service program that allows users to receive emails on their computer without internet connectivity. This service is linked to email accounts through POP3 and IMPA processing.

So, these two services that organizations and individual people use. As emails are accessible via the internet, it becomes obvious to have a threat of hacking or attacks.

To reduce the risks of data breaches or email threats, you need email security. That is true! But here is how email security can be beneficial for you:

  • Avoid Potential Business Threats

      Email encryption helps you to protect your emails against sensitive data. It is the process to protect email content, and the intended recipient can only read it.

  • Helps to Protect Confidential Information

With email protection, you would protect your sensitive information like email address, password, credit card information, and bank details.

  • Keep Away Identity Theft

If your email server email address and password are compromised, then it can be used by any other unauthorized person for a false cause. You can avoid this risk if you go for email encryption under email security solutions services

On top of that, opting for email security services can save you from the threats like anti-phishing, malware protection, data loss prevention, and account takeover protection.

Why Companies Ignore Email Security?

  • Most people think that email service providers ensure enough security, but this is not true for all. Email services providers like Microsoft Office 365, Zimbra, Yahoo, and Google only provide basic protection.
  • On top of that, businesses see email security as a budget burden or extra expense. Because to implement email security companies, need to spend the amount on it.
  • Small businesses don’t see themselves as a target and neglect email security. But in reality, check, small companies do face attacks via emails.


Whether you have a small or enterprise-level business, you must implement email security. It will reduce the chances of data losses, provide multilevel protection layers, and save your data from data compromise.

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