Why Security Operations Centre(SOC) Is Essential To Your Business?

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Why Security Operations Centre(SOC) Is Essential To Your Business?

Why Security Operations Centre(SOC) Is Essential To Your Business?

Increasingly exposed to various threats: malware, ransomware and other cyberattack had put company’s security to risk so of their Information System’s security as a top priority. A security operations center (SOC)  is a security team that works with organizations to protect against cyberattacks.  SOC team works on analytical tools that make it possible to stay on top of the latest security threats in the online world.

Experts believe that the cybersecurity problems that companies are facing will increase its frequency and as well as complexity – and that the demand for new cybersecurity professionals will outpace supply, making it even harder than before to bring talented people into the organization. So the outcome is not all companies can afford to hire in-house cybersecurity experts. For businesses- SMBs or Large-enterprise, companies are moving to the networks analyzed by a secured Managed Security Operations Center- SOC. This allows companies to focus on their core strengths and also reap the benefits of the most advanced cybersecurity services and solutions from the Best SOC Service provider in Gujarat.


Why Do You Need A Soc ?

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) is now an essential part of the protection plan and data protection system that reduces the level of exposure of information systems to both external and internal risks.
  • Security operations center services seek to eliminate cyber threats by early detection and reaction to any hacking incident or data breach.
  • To improve cybersecurity posture.
  • Customers and employees trust the organizations to keep their data safe from the outside world. SOC team helps in preventing data loss, thus, maintaining brand integrity.
  • To increases the ability to reduce the potential losses due to security breaches, contributing to high ROI. With the integration of the SOC team, firms can save money on recoveries from data theft.
  • Analyze Unusual/Suspicious Activities
  • soc security operation center indicates that all proof and vulnerability indicators will be preserved for digital forensic examination.

What are the advantages of a SOC?

A monitoring capability of the network enables successful prevention, identification, and response to any malicious attack. When a suspicious event is identified, the SOC will investigate and react accordingly, either using internal SOC personnel or requiring external assistance, by following tried and tested procedures to minimize both the impact and severity.

The other benefits are:

-Improved threat management

-Maintains the regulatory compliance

-Centralization and consolidation of cybersecurity functions

-Cuts Costs on Expensive Technology

-Offers Advanced Intelligence Gathering, Threat Assessment, Planning, and Awareness Training

-Delivers Advanced Protection Against Perimeter and Insider Threats

Why ECS as your SOC center?


  • ECS as a SOC service provider  tracks and analyzes activity on servers, endpoints, networks, applications, databases, websites, and other technology systems
  • We are able to monitor network traffic, endpoints, logs, security events.
  • Our analysts will use this information to identify vulnerabilities and prevent breaches.
  • 24×7×365 Help Desk / Security Operations Center
  • Integration and supervision of the company’s traffic flow
  • Consolidation & centralization of security functions
  • Offers Managements of vulnerabilities reported by automated & analysis tool
  • Proactive sorting and prioritizing alerts
  • The most competitive pricing

ECS SOC platform can integrate with your existing security technology to collate all security logs from tools like:

  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention system (IPS)
  • Network Access Control
  • Identity and access management
  • Privilege access management
  • End Point Protection Platform



ECS SOC also has an option to provide the following security tools set as a managed service integrated into the ECS SOC offering:

  • End Point Detection and Response
  • Next-Gen Firewall
  • Email Security
  • Web Security
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Information Rights management
  • Zero Trust (work from Home)
  • User and Entity Behavioural Analytics




With mounting security concerns, SOC Service  is a smart cybersecurity value proposition for businesses both SMB and Enterprise.

ECS SOC have a team of cyber security experts, proven processes and powerful tools to ensure your security and an effective remediation plan in the event of an attack.

If you’re looking for the right provider,  contact us today   We’re ready to help you improve security for your business – and build toward a safer tomorrow.