Are You Cyber Secured

Are You Cyber Secured

Are You Cyber Secured

All the small businesses, as well as large enterprises, face cybersecurity challenges, which means they are proactively protecting organizational assets, data security, employees, and their personal details and consumers’ details are a priority for every business. Even  National Cyber Security Awareness Month  (NCSAM)  focuses on providing resources that help businesses establish a culture of cybersecurity and emphasizing to prevent them from upcoming cyber threats.

In the below infographic, we offer ways to protect against  Cyberthreat  , potentials types of Cyber-attacks. Take a look and discover how to respond when caught by cybersecurity incidents. 

Secured Systems 

Cyber Secured System  is now mandated to all the governs and also to organizations  to find suspicious activities as well as from the potential Cyber-attacks

Types of Cyberattacks

The following are 10 major types of cyber-attacks. A lack of focus on cybersecurity can most often cause serious damages to your organization. The nature of cyber-attacks  is vital, to understand cybersecurity threats and methods to mitigate them. It includes regular training on the subject, and a framework to work with – that aims to reduce its risks of data leaks and breaches.

How To Protect Against Cyber Security Attacks?

Cybercriminals use specially designed programs to test for any vulnerability in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Training to employees is necessary. According to research, 97% of people can’t identify fishing emails. Thus, looking into Email security is essential.

Common Myths or misconceptions :

  • I have a firewall, so I’m safe.
  • HTTPS encryption makes my site invulnerable.
  • It’s my hosting company’s duty to safeguard my site.
  • I don’t go online, so I’m safe.
  • Only big businesses make good targets

I’ve been scammed! What should I do next?

Report the scam immediately!  Reporting a scam helps enforcement authorities track down and stop the criminals responsible.

For Example:

If you think your account details or PIN have been stole

Contact your bank immediately so they can protect your account.

If you think your password could have been stolen :

Change your password as soon as possible.

Talk about what happened:

Tell your friends and family about the scam. Every person you talk to will be prepared to avoid scams in the future.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your data secure involves more than just installing an anti-virus program and hoping for the best, be aware of potential threats. It’s important to have

CyberSecurity Audit for your organization and keep you sensitive information safe.. You need to give this thought year-round especially due to pandemic this year.