Anti-phishing and Anti-rogue

Anti-Phishing And Anti-Rogue Solution

We monitor different sources for phishing threats that target your brand and disrupt them by mitigating phishing websites, malicious apps and impersonating pages.

Achieve RBI Cyber Security Framework Compliance

RBI's circular RBI/2019-20/129 says that union cooperative banks (UCBS) in level II, III, and IV must have Anti-Phishing and Anti- Rogue Service.

We help UCBs and financial institutions get the compliance and security controls they need to protect their businesses from phishing and other outside attacks.'s suite of Anti-Phishing Modules

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Leaked Credential monitoring
  • Mobile Application Monitoring
  • Domain name monitoring
  • Phishing Takedown Service
  • RBI Complaint Reporting
  • Multi-user web Portal & Real time alerts

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