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Insider threats pose significant security risks to companies and organizations. The integration of IT and the accessibility of information in the workplace have led to a dramatic increase in insider cyber threats.

While institutions recognize the issue, they often fail to allocate the necessary resources or attention to address it until it's too late. Many prevention efforts falter because they either focus solely on monitoring behavior patterns or neglect to consider cultural and confidentiality standards.

    The Impact of Insider-Led Incidents in the Business Sector:

    How Does ECS Insider Investigation Help?

    • Preemptive Internal Compliance Audit: Our solution aids in investigating internal malpractice or anomalous network behavior, providing robust insider threat protection.
    • During Lawsuits: We offer forensic protection of equipment, data transmission preservation, and digital forensic chronology restoration during civil suits.
    • Advanced Proof Arrests: We encapsulate digital evidence before it is destroyed, using this information to enhance crisis-avoidance decisions. Our centralized investigation tool and data protection-oriented workflow can be tailored to address specific issues.
    • Timely Investigation: We identify unauthorized disclosures promptly and respond to regulatory queries swiftly, staying ahead of insider cyber threats.
    • Monitoring the Entire Workflow: We keep an eye on system applications used by at-risk staff members, tracking who has access to and uses sensitive information, ensuring comprehensive insider threat monitoring.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our insider investigation program is essential for acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the "who, what, when, why, and how" of unusual staff or third-party behavior. ECS security professionals use this cyber threat intelligence to assist management in making informed decisions aligned with their cultural objectives, preventing potential cyberattacks before damage occurs.

    With complete visibility of insiders and potential threats, many leading companies worldwide trust us not only for our cutting-edge innovation but also for our proven dedication to their success.

    Get complete visibility of insider threats cyber security with ECS. Leading companies trust us for our innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to their security and success.

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