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Let no passwords hinder your security! Unleash valuable data that has been guarded by lost or ignored passwords


You've forgotten your password? Do you require access to password-protected documents or devices? What happens if senior executives depart without unprotecting their documents? Passwords ruined? Are you concerned that your system or program files may be compromised? We can assist!

We specialize in busting password-protected documents and management systems. When vital systems are compromised, we could serve as a precious asset owing to our substantial password recovery techniques.

Password recovery requires the application of advanced analytical synchronization algorithms and code. We can help in cracking passwords for our clients and granting them access to sensitive documents.

    How Does ECS Password Recovery Help?

        The following are the primary variables that impact password recovery Encryption Type, Password Size, Size of Encrypted Files, and Encrypted Files' Location.

    Know what's best for you

    We could indeed assist you in determining the ideal method for your situation by assessing the strategies used to safeguard the information. Without the need for a big learning curve, our password recovery services provide the industry’s top-notch performance.

    Full Security

    All through the procedure, we use authenticated safety controls to avoid your data from slipping into the wrong hands, guaranteeing that third persons never gain access to your records or the retrieved passcodes.

    Understand your situation better

    When you set start your case, our technicians will assist you in determining whether your passwords are presumably reclaimable, how long the restoration will hold, and an approximate price.

    Experts for your specific needs

     While the majority of password recoveries are likely to succeed, each case differs and requires the focus of a trained and certified crew of cryptology specialists.

    What Makes Us Unique?

    • Our flexibility to mold in difficult situations through customized solutions distinguishes us among top-tier password recovery firms
    • Our frameworks are the best driver on the market, thanks to cutting-edge hardware acceleration innovations, and we use consumer-grade services to accelerate recovery
    • 24 x 7 client support. Lifetime technical support from a passionate support team
    • Competitive Pricing Across The Board

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