ECSplorator is a High End Workstation / Super Performance Server / Unique Indigenous Application Centric Hardware Product / Portable / Stationery


Digital Forensic Lab Products:

ECS’s devised Digital Forensic Solution “ECSplorator” has been BIS Certified and  Patent Certified by the Indian Government. We are proud to say that ECSplorator is a make in India product and has backed many businesses and government agencies.

ECSplorator (DiMoDup) is a one-of-a-kind device solution for imagining and acquiring Hard Disk Drive and Mobile Phone acquisitions. It is a exceptional and supreme technical solution, ideal for objective and utilization. It offers fastest and most reliable operations above all it’s most dependable in quality, and allows law enforcement authorities and professionals to analyze digital information during the attack, police station, field on its own, and can operate from anywhere in the globe. The mobile component of the solution is a kit that can be held alone with the raid team and also operates independently.

For seven (7) years, National Forensic Science University Certified “ECSplorator” has delivered the finest findings to Indian law enforcers, regulatory authorities, and numerous other organizations. ECSplorator has indeed proven its credentials and dependability, and it is ECS’s greatest modular, scalable, safe, and real-time digital data forensics solution.

ECSplorator is modernizing and revolutionizing the Digital Forensic Sector by delivering quick, consistent results while saving the significant amount of time and money.

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ECSPlorator made it possible for Law & Enforcement Agencies and experts to analyse the electronics data during the raid itself, and that too from operating via any corner in the world, thanks to its remote electronic data forensics. 

Simply connect the storage device to the kit and turn it on. The device would automatically connect to one or more Remote Control Rooms, which could be thousands of miles away and where multiple experts could view, analyse, and access the electronic data while the raid was still going on, without any commands or inputs from local staff. The results of these analyses can aid the raid team in finding additional physical proof, and experts can also extract useful electronic data from the same.

The product is user configurable available in Laptop/Server/Workstation and Tablet form. It is also available with forensics tools preloaded as per user requirement.

1Data Duplication
  • Disk-to-Disk (clone) duplication
  • Disk-to-File (image) duplication
2Image support
  • E01 and Raw
3Hash Verifications/Calculation
  • Hash verification after image creation
  • Verify MD5 and Sha1
  • Separate hash calculation feature to calculate hash
4Host Protection/Device Configuration Verification
  • HPA detection and acquiring HPA electronic data in raw and E01
5 Read - on mode
  • All the evidence in read only mode
6Device Information/Sorting and Conditions
  • Get attached source information such as Model, Serial no, etc Browsing through files and folders
  • Modify Date range
  • Modify recently
  • Sorting based on date,Name,image name & major fields
  • Based on extensions
  • Content can be serach by multipage words with AND & OR
7Mobile Supports
  • Supports android and IOS operating system
  • Data Analysis and Acquisition from different types of mobile phones
  • Supports Logical, Physical and File System Recover Data from Messages, Calls, Photos, Chat History, Calendar Item Etc
  • Extract Data from Cloud Source such as Facebook, Instagram and many more
  • Password and PIN breaker
  • Photo Recognizer
8Command Centre (Optional)
  • Scanning list of devices, IP, Servers, Database Acquire Data from Cloud and Storage
  • Secured connectivity between the Raid site and the remote-control room
  • Secured file transfer to the remote-control room
  • Every single raid can be simultaneously monitor and access multiple RAID
9Generate ReportsGenerate Reports in many formats like PDF, HTML, XML, RTF Generate Complete report

ECSPlorator Forensics Server / Workstation:


Our systems are designed with keeping stationery laboratory analysis, case management, and reporting in mind. For forensic acquisition and analysis workstations, our systems ar have been setting standard. The functionality, performance, and overall performance remains unmatched in the industry.

Acquiring a system entails investing in your capacity to successfully complete each investigation. Our system enables forensic investigators all over the world to work more efficiently, effectively, and quickly. With a touch screen interface, integrated writer blocker, simultaneous imaging functionality, and drive wiping capabilities, ECS stands to have the world’s only forensics workstation.

Why ECSplorator?

ECSPlorator Methods





Features Of ECSplorator

ECSplorator is a finely tailored solution for hard disk and mobile data acquisition.

Get remote monitoring, investigation, and analysis done with the greatest accuracy and an easy-to-interact system.

It is built supremely for delivering fast speed and driving instant and relevant acquisition results.

Its deployment is super easy and its sole purpose is to make it feasible for law enforcement agencies as well as professionals to capture and analyze raid data during the ongoing case itself. All this can be done across any part of the world.

It comes along with a portable part or a kit that can is easy and handy to carry with the raid crew. Thus making it a super practical solution for the raids that need the legal advisories' instant attention.

Works on a super secure, reliable, fast, and robust built-in infrastructure.

Strengths of ECS

  • Organizations have turned to ECS to evaluate the digital strategies of their coworkers, vendors, and suppliers when dealing with former employees, thievery of proprietary information, or accused of stealing trade secrets.
  • We have built one of the well-equipped digital forensic labs equipped with all the latest forensic tools and world-class experts working to solve any digital forgery.
  • Our Products and Solutions come at very competitive and unbeatable pricing. As we believe in keeping our clients' requirements on priority.
  • Innovative and customer-centric solutions for treating your unique forensic needs.

Technical Add-Ons

  • The product can also function in standalone mode.
  • Online device data imaging.
  • The product can generate complete reports in all the widely used formats including PDF, HTML, XML, RTF, etc.
  • Above all, ECSplorator is built to support both IOS and Android mobile operating systems.
  • It also supports the ability to recover data from numerous cloud sources like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Additionally, it also comes with a password and pin breaker.
  • A vast range of versions is available for custom-made solutions anytime and anywhere.
  • It is potent enough to recover data that includes messages, calls, photos, chat history, calendar items and so much more.