Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Monitor, Detect, & Respond to Cyber Threats in advance

Authorize the competency in your system to acclimate its defenses!


Utilizing top-notch tools and methods, ECS cyber threat intelligence services gather information across the global context of potential attacks, such as current and new threats as well as cyber terrorism protagonists. Via the use of our cyber threat lab and advanced plus powerful threat scavenging tools, we grant accessibility into your system along with software products, and also advanced threat hunting.

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit creates, agglomerates, and organizes sensitive information to ensure effective, prompt, and credible useful insight. With ECS experts by your side, threat information reduces misclassification, allowing you to be sure of the content you're attempting to block while guaranteeing a centralized defense policy all over your entire security board.

    How ECS Can Help With Advance Threat Hunting?

    Allow for real-time threat classification, assessment, and warning resource allocation. Our threat data which is updated regularly and gathered internationally guarantees near-zero rates of false positives.

    Increase the effectiveness of your incident investigation and threat intelligence quests. We perform real-time searches from across surfaces, deep web, and ECS sources.

    Comprehensive data about antagonists trying to target your organization, business, innovations, and the area in which your business operates, as well as all characteristics in terms of compromise, rules, and mitigation strategies.

    Get over-the-board assistance from world-class threat intelligence officers. Guidelines and perspectives into direct threats you are experiencing or intrigued in from experts in the field without having to hunt for and hire difficult-to-find full-time professionals.

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    What Makes Us Unique?

    • Our coordinating and managing threat intelligence would provide surveillance technicians with in-depth knowledge of the framework necessary to safeguard important assets and mechanisms.
    • A rich and meaningful context guides further inquiry.
    • Advise over which risks are specific to your particular industry, who is responsible for them, what their true motives are, and what types of equipment they are trying to target.
    • Security mechanisms can be easily integrated thanks to our delivery configurations and methods.

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