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Acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of audio and video recordings that are admissible in court proceedings are the three fundamental principles of audio-video forensics, which is a branch of forensic science. The authentication and reliability of digital evidence are one of the primary duties of audio and video forensic professionals. To enhance the recordings and make the voice and sounds more audible, audio and video are subjected to forensic analysis.

The good thing is that at ECS Infotech there are plenty of audio-video forensics services experts available for your rescue. We have timestamped experience in the arena of digital forensics and we have countless success stories to validate our expertise.

    Techniques Associated With Video Enhancement Are:

    Services in this vertical are as under:

    Stills from the video

    Video Enhancement / Speed adjustment

    Audio & Video enhancement

    Speed adjustment & noise removal

    Audio Video Authentication for signs of editing/tampering

    Audio Transcription (printed & /or Subtitled Video)

    Audio & Video Analysis

    Damaged Audio & Video Cassette Tape Restoration

    Damaged tape repair (Audio / Video)

    Improvement of Audio Intelligibility

    Improvement of Still Image Evidence

    Shape Image

    How Does ECS Audio/ Video Forensics Help

    For better-managed detection and response services we include the following information must be included in the forensic audio-video report:

    Speech Technology

    Speech Technology Center is the leading developer of voice and multimodal biometric systems, as well as solutions for audio and video recording, processing, and analysis. With one of the largest R&D teams in the industry and more than 25 years of experience, Speech Technology Center is well known for solutions implemented by some of the largest international companies in banking, security, telecom, and public sectors.

    Audio Forensics

    World-famous audio forensic products and solutions from the technological leader of the industry

    Facial Recognition Solutions

    State-of-the-art technologies for real-time recognition and identification of individuals based on their facial features

    Voice Biometric

    Speech Technology Center introduces its brand new technologies for compact and large scale biometric solutions

    What Makes Us Unique?

    Our Audio Video forensic expert is known to possess an array of traits that makes us stand apart from the competition:

    • Text Transcription and Speech Segmentation
    • With 24 x 7 customer support you have full information on what's going on in the recovery and forensics
    • We understand that your circumstance is different. We hear, assess, and forecast while retaining you and your resources securely
    • Multi-window Interface
    • Our experts are structured to recognize, retrieve, and asses multiple forms of computer digital evidence

    Tools We Employ for Audio/Video Forensics

    IKAR Lab – IKAR Lab has developed from a sound editor application to the world’s most widely used audio forensic lab since its inception in 1992. Today, it serves experts in over 350 laboratories in over 40 countries around the world.

    Key Features of Tools

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