Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC)

Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC)

Prime early threat detection and management of all the activities

SOC as a Service

A CSOC (Cyber Security Operation Center) is the NextGen Cyber Monitoring solution that takes the responsibility of recording, managing, and analyzing the organization’s security events on an ongoing basis. The service provides companies with the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cybersecurity threats.



For such a scenario, cybersecurity and active monitoring are mandatory.

In this modern era, organizations must adopt cyber security monitoring solutions to avoid such threats.

The function of the SOC team ensures that security incidents are accurately identified, analyzed, guarded, and investigated to respond to cyber threats around the clock.

Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) is the most sensible move in order to save your business from an attack.

Most organizations are adopting/investing in the latest next-generation technologies to protect their valuable assets.

The only solution is active infrastructure monitoring by Next Generation Cyber Aware Security Operation Center, which can provide 360’ visibility of your infrastructure and can even detect zero-day attacks. It alerts us well in advance before any cyber incident can take place.

Benefits of Managed CSOC:

ECS Cyber Security Operation Center

  • ECS serves as your reliable Cyber SOC house for the early detection, remediation and management of cyber activities
  • Our solution is well equipped with latest technology and certified experienced cyber warriors
  • We are proudly offering the best security operation center for any business like the banking and financial sector, Stock Broking, SMB, and Enterprise segment
  • We have designed our SOC in a way that it can be suitable for every business and that can protect their environment and assets

ECS CSOC-as-a-Service Features


Best suitable as per RBI and SEBI compliance needs and meet any other compliance needs like HIPPA, GDPR, PCI DSS. Pre-build customized compliance-based report templates.

Early threat Detection

Stay notified of any intrusion and data theft attempts. Our team will immediately stop any such attempt before it enters.

Log Management

Centralized log management solution for easy retrieval and access of old logs. Stores RAW logs plus events. Easy log backup, storage and retention options and policies.

Threat Hunting

Best-in-Class correlation rules to provide maximum detection and advance threat hunting by our certified experts.

User Behaviour Analysis

Get the user behaviour analytics based on defined base line and alerts for any abnormal behaviour.

Granular DashBoard

Get the complete visibility by our customized dashboard and powerful reporting features.

Threat Intelligence

Built in threat intelligence to identify latest cyber threats, malicious codes and websites.


Perform the VAPT and find all the vulnerabilities and mitigate them to stay secured.

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Why ECS as Cyber SOC Center?

  • Cost effective license model with unlimited Events per second

  • MSSP SOC with managed cyber security service for better protection

  • Easy and flexible log retention options.

  • Dedicated L3 Manager for instant support.

  • Flexible deployment options – On-premises or On Cloud.

  • 24x7x365 monitoring with prompt support.

  • Unmatched cybersecurity coverage that monitors, detects and responds to threats.

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