Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

From law to banking, ECS serves and has already served a multitude of organizations and institutes across many industries.

Government & Law and Enforcement Agencies

Government & Law and Enforcement Agencies

Empowering Government agencies by unleashing the power of digital and cyber forensics.

ECS can help you make better strategic decisions by bringing to light possible threats.

Discover, prioritize, and create mitigation plans to deal with pricey cyber risks and strengthen your security posture overall. Provide user training courses to your staff and assist your security staff.

Supervise the overall security of your organization, vendors, and governed entities regularly. Accelerate internal audit and vulnerability assessment abilities to safeguard important infrastructure through a collaborative and risk-based governmental regulation methodology.



Facilitate Optimal Decision Making via discovering and eliminating digital and cyber risks.

ECS provides Enterprises with a tried-and-true, low-cost approach for investigating workforce-related issues (such as company policy infractions, harassment of people complaining, or computer misuse accusations), intellectual property theft, forgery, information security instances, and much more.

Apart from manual digital forensics inquiry or offline techniques, remote forensic tests with ECS tends to help address the needs and sophistication of an expanding amount of electronic inquests by minimizing travel, minimizing downtime per investigation, and empowering live device interrogations.

Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance

Digital attacks are indeed a new threat to the banking industry at the time, and Forensic Preserving Your Company in Banking is an effective way to defend oneself from cybercrimes. Bank investigators can always use our services and solutions to collect pertinent data from networks, databases, smartphones, and tablets to aid in their investigation.

In the tumultuous times after a cyber-attack, our digital forensics auditors assisted numerous banking institutions by providing them with a comprehensive report on the risk. Our digital forensics research processes and solutions can assist your company in rapidly and precisely recognizing the extent of the cyber threat and guide you into the next moves for enhancing information security.

Young woman pharmacist at pharmacy


ECS empowers pharmaceutical manufacturers to evaluate cybersecurity data incidents whose proof is submerged in digital content.

We provide unparalleled digital forensics consulting expertise. Our professionals have experience in law enforcement, cyber forensics, intelligence, and the judicial sectors, allowing them to handle all pharmaceutical fabrication digital forensics affairs nationally and even overseas.

We will gather the evidence, analyze it, and create detailed reports in conformity with global quality standards in digital forensics.

Get Expert Advice With The Best Cyber Forensics Professionals



We acknowledge you have to revert to manufacturing as quickly as possible, even while evaluating what transpired and who could have been able to account, whether your factory or infrastructure has encountered inadequacies, intricate operation breakdowns, etc. ECS offers a comprehensive suite of digital forensic and cyber forensic investigation services to get you on the board promptly.

Our forensic analysts work hard to comprehend, emphasize, and analyze the rapidly evolving risks that our customers encounter in post-incident surroundings. We recognize the importance of a fast, attentive, and specialized framework for the job we do, as well as the importance of assistance, guidance, and effective dialogue. Get your infrastructure secured with ECS.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Our Information Technology forensic experts’ crew offers a broad range of solutions such as Digital Forensics, Information Governance, Digital Discovery, and Cyber Forensics.

We employ a distinctive framework for complicated business clashes and investigations, utilizing cutting-edge innovation to effectively serve our customers’ requirements.

With both national and international market expertise and industry knowledge, we assist clients in managing vast quantities of electronic data, negotiating legal and commercial mechanisms, and capitalizing on the worth of information assets.

Industrial port and container yard


While handling complex logistics operations requires a load of planning, implementation, and framework, it is becoming a seemingly vulnerable target for intruders. We have a track record of success handling data breach occurrences with numerous logistics and related companies across industry segments.



With the emphasis on digital devices in all aspects of education, the necessity for digital forensic services is expanding at a rapid pace. Our group of field experts, combined with our cutting-edge lab, make us an ideal option for all educational institutions that lack in-house functionalities or are merely overburdened with forensic work.

What Do We offer?

ECS Enterprise offers comprehensive endpoint exposure and empowers comprehensive search, acquisition, survival, and evaluation of information on computers, laptops, and data centers throughout the system without interfering with operational processes.

We help you gain complete visibility into your institution’s online presence in order to determine the most challenging places of cyber risk and avert business disruption. ECS augments digital forensics services via cutting-edge assessment tools. ECS is better able to focus work efforts on quality and efficiency by making sensible use of advanced technologies and performance metrics. Besides, we provide high customer retention rates to provide 100% integrity to our clientele.

Monitor your regulatory stance invariably to decrease the likelihood of governmental sanctions and to establish confidence between your clients and partners. When you set start your case, our technicians will assist you in determining whether your passwords are presumably reclaimable, how long the restoration will hold, and an approximate price.

While the majority of recoveries are likely to succeed, each case differs and requires the focus of a trained and certified crew of cryptology specialists.

We play a significant role in strengthening your overall security. 

We assist you in securing your IT domains & cooperating with you to turn defenses into opportunities.

Identifying hygiene issues in your long-term safety program.

Checklist for improving your institution's capacity to react quickly to future problems.

Choices for on-premises or cloud-hosted technology deployment.

Achieving the first most rigorous security standards and providing complete safety for critical systems.

Increasing security by foreseeing, deterring, and replying to financially driven cyber warfare.

24 x 7 customer support and so much more!

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Get help from government-grade hardware and software tools
  • In-depth case reports and assessment of intelligence systems
  • Diversified cyber security specialists with various backgrounds and long knowledge along with hands-on experience in surveillance
  • We understand that your circumstance is different. We hear, assess, and forecast while retaining you and your resources securely

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