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To identify the origin of network security assaults, network forensics involves the collection, recording, and analysis of network packets. The collection of evidence is the main objective of network forensics. It makes an effort to evaluate network traffic data, which is gathered from many sites and network devices like firewalls and IDS. Our forensic expert works to maintain the finest quality network.

ECS uses state-of-the-art evaluation tools to enhance network security and forensics services. By judiciously utilizing cutting-edge technologies and performance indicators, ECS is better equipped to concentrate work efforts on quality and efficiency.

Network forensics is crucial for identifying the origin of network security assaults, involving the collection, recording, and analysis of network packets. ECS is among the top network forensics companies in India, dedicated to delivering the highest quality network forensics investigation services.

    Network forensic Features:

    Systematic monitoring and documentation of data packets traveling across the network.

    Evaluating network performance to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

    Identifying unusual patterns and misuse of network resources.

    Recognizing the different protocols in use to ensure secure communication.

    Aggregating data from various devices like firewalls and IDS.

    Conducting thorough security audits and managing security incidents effectively.

    Safeguarding intellectual property from unauthorized access and breaches.

    Highlights of Network forensics process

    1. Identifying the Incident

    Detecting the initial security breach or irregular activity.

    2. Preserving and Retaining Digital Evidence

    Ensuring the integrity and availability of collected evidence.

    3. Tracking and Recording Evidence

    Meticulously documenting the evidence trail.

    4. Systematic Research of Evidence

    Analyzing the collected data methodically to uncover critical insights.

    5. Reporting and Assessing Evidence

    Compiling findings into comprehensive reports for assessment and action.


    Identifying The Incident


    Preserving And Retaining The Digital Evidence


    Tracking And Recording The Evidence


    Systematic Research Of Evidence


    Reporting And Assessing The Evidence

    How Does Network Forensic Helps

    ECS’s network forensics solution simplifies the complex operations of network forensics, making it easier to handle advanced network forensics. This specialization allows our forensic experts to provide unparalleled service quality, ensuring robust network security.

    Network forensics, a subset of digital forensics, plays a pivotal role in examining technology or data that might hold evidence of a crime. Experts and law enforcement rely on these investigations to link evidence to suspects, cross-reference statements, or verify alibis.

    Our services come with

    Tracking and analyzing intermittent network issues

    Pinpointing and addressing sporadic network problems.

    Fixing more premature issues that occurred hours or days earlier

    Resolving issues that arose hours or days earlier.

    Identifying patterns and malicious behaviors

    Detecting and mitigating malicious activities.

    Proactive guidance and support

    Offering preventive measures and support to maintain network integrity.

    Safeguards confidential information

    Ensuring the security of sensitive data.

    With 24 x 7 customer support​

    Providing round-the-clock assistance to our clients.

    What Makes Us Unique?

    Our team excels in providing comprehensive network forensics investigations through
    • Network Performance Benchmarking: Measuring and improving network performance.
    • Transactional Analysis: Examining transactional data for inconsistencies.
    • Safety Analysis: Conducting thorough security assessments.
    • Network Troubleshooting: Identifying and resolving network issue

    Network Forensics tools we deploy

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