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Our certificated and experienced digital forensics professionals at ECS have collaborated on thousands of digital evidence cases. Across every case, our goal is to offer our clientele with tangible and accurate results, also under strict regulations and time constraints.

Our digital forensics advisors have specialised expertise that enables them to aid the clients with digital evidence collection, investigation, retention, and briefing.

The platform is used for all sort of the investigation such as financial fraud, cybercrime, counterterrorism , compliance & risk and litigation.

    How Does ECS Case Management Help?

    Fills the Gap

    ECS bridges a huge disparity by introducing true case management capabilities to traditional forensic analysis. Integrated and modular micro-services platform divides an inquiry into parts, supports multiple authorities to work collaboratively on cases, and eradicates the risky phase of information management in excel spreadsheets and word documents.

    All-Rounder Support

    The platform is deployed for all phases and types of investigations including cyber threats, financial crimes, counterterrorism, risk, litigation, and compliance. Furthermore, ECS includes a workflow for managing notices, clearances, and eDiscovery, as well as layers for benchmarking, trend reporting, and cumulative program management.

    Enhance Interaction

    It's hard for non-technical people to communicate with the technical group owing to the highly sophisticated nature of law cases. Case management in digital forensics makes communication easy and two-way among technical and non-technical people. Hence, dividing the time of investigation multiple folds.

    Security First

    All of this occurs within a safe, configurable program that effectively removes the requirement for excel sheets while maintaining the necessary evidence metrics.

    One interface multiple possibilities

    Delivering one interface to manage multiple tools from Nuix, Autopsy, XRY, encase, and many more!

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    Case Management Tools

    Why To Choose ECS?

    • Diversified cyber security specialists with various backgrounds and long knowledge along with hands-on experience in surveillance
    • Huge time reduction was experienced in the entire investigation cycle and verdict creation
    • Proactive monitoring and support throughout the program
    • In-depth case reports and assessment of intelligence systems
    • Making it simpler to gather, operate, and distribute evidence at the scene, and assist officers, forensic experts, and laboratory personnel in maintaining a comprehensive line of custody throughout all occasions
    • 24 x 7 support and complete transparency

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