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Investigations that are concentrated on crimes that primarily involve the cloud are referred to as cloud forensics. This can involve identity theft or data breaches. The owner is protected and can better preserve evidence via cloud forensics. Without a cloud forensics plan, it's possible that the owner does not have access to all of the data or evidence stored in the cloud, especially if it is hosted off-site or by a third party.

With the swift advancement of digital devices, the information recorded by these devices necessitates a massive quantity of computational strength to analyse. ECS collaborates with the digital forensics team to support best forensic practices in cloud computing to oversee the crime over the cloud and asses on it

We are trusted by industrial giants as one of the best cyber threat intelligence companies in India.

    Dimensions of Cloud Forensics

    Technical dimension

    Organizational dimension

    Legal dimension

    How Does ECS Cloud Services Help

    There are several cloud kinds as well asvaried service offerings, which might make cloud forensics more difficult. Users can select a hybrid cloud, a community cloud, or either public or private clouds.

    The following are the ways that play a huge role in maintaining a sound cloud service:

    Here are the types of clouds: –

    Our cyber forensic expert is competent to get divested some of the common problems like

    What Makes Us Unique?

    • Easily Extract, preserve, and analyze content from the cloud
    • Respond to requests for private data stored in the cloud
    • Streamline Data Visualization
    • Easy Ways to Collect Social and Cloud-Based Data
    • Respond to requests for private data stored in the cloud

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