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Basic level surveillance is essential in armed protection in order to ensure that your institution's prestige is not compromised in any way.

To communicate audio, video, and necessary data, contemporary eavesdropping gadgets use wire harnesses, mobile phone or radio transmissions, or even stored memory. We are indeed a choice of global counter-surveillance and the cyber forensic team of industry analysts who provide quick assistance and protection for companies, attorneys, and institutions against a wide range of computer crimes, including spying, stalking robbery, and privacy invasion. You Could Indeed Rely On Our Jury Of Cyber Experts And Forensics Experts.

    counter Surveillance includes:

    How Does ECS Counter Surveillance Help?

    We can quickly identify digital surveillance devices, internet TSCM devices, wireless systems, and mobile networks thanks to our top-notch equipment which allows us to prevent any grim situation.

    Assists in analyzing and evaluating people using mobile and computer devices for illicit reasons. Discover a sign of fraudulent activity or the robbery of financial, intimate, or company data, as well as other proprietary information.

    Deploy suspicious behavior (countermeasures) to decrease the likelihood of surveillance. Our counter-surveillance solutions strive to prevent or limit surveillance by the adversary, old foe, or undisclosed agencies.

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    Our services come with

    What Makes Us Unique?

    • Get help from government-grade hardware and software tools
    • In-depth case reports and assessment of intelligence systems
    • We create a customized special operations strategy to counteract any threats our clients may encounter
    • Diversified cyber security specialists with various backgrounds and long knowledge along with hands-on experience in surveillance
    • We understand that your circumstance is different. We hear, assess, and forecast while retaining you and your resources securely

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