Cyber Incident Response

Cyber Incident Response

Get the best Cyber Expert to handle your entire network in a most secured way

Cyber intrusions occur suddenly and therefore can severely damage a corporation


With a group of experienced Incident Response (IR) practitioners on hand, you can indeed be confident that your company has the competence it needs to recover from a direct violation.

With the most intricate hacking attempts, ECS can assist you in obtaining an immediate response, stabilization, and remediation assistance.

Stay One step Ahead Of Intruders with our experts which are around the clock.

    ECS Cyber Incident Response Process :

    • Preparation

      This stage forms the backbone of your incident response planning and, ultimately, turns out to be the most important stage to safeguard your company. In this, we understand the roles and responsibilities of your employees and also ensure that they have adequate training. Besides, we also work on scenarios and work on the execution and implementation of the cyber incident response plan.

    • Identification

      In this part, we drill to determine if your network has been violated due to any breaches. A breach or event could have its roots in a diverse range of places. The process revolves around finding and triggering the solutions for questions like. When did the incident occur?  Who made the discovery? Has it affected any other aspects, how big of a compromise does it form? Etc.

    • Containment

      In this step, we look for ways to stop the breach from spreading and harming your company even further. It includes disconnecting the affected systems from the Internet, preparing both immediate and long-term containment techniques, and creating all necessary systems back-ups so that we can protect the useful information from vanishing away forever.

    • Eradication

      The next step is to completely wipe off and eradicate the root cause of the damage, whether it’s malware or any other security issues. This is super important to make sure to prevent any major damage in the present and the future.

    • Recovery

      This is the procedure for reinstalling and recovering the affected systems and gadgets in your office setting. It's crucial to restore your systems and business operations during this time so that you can progress further in your business without worrying about a breach.

    • Learnings

      Here, you will examine and record each aspect of the infringement. Find out what aspects of your strategic approach were effective and determine whether there were any gaps. Your defenses against possible attacks will be strengthened by the lessons you have learned both from fictitious and actual occurrences.

    How Do We Handle Threats?


    Identify threats in the system. Asses and conduct preliminary analysis and finally communicate the action plan.

    Retain, Remove and Recover

    Conduct root cause analysis and recover lost data if possible. Assist the client while restoring business operations fast and smoothly.

    Create the report

    Creating the report that includes the cause of the breach, remediating actions, and suggestions for future improvements and safety.

    How Can We Help?

    ECS distinctively handles post-breach liabilities by offering retention and on-demand incident response infrastructure from interdisciplinary geographic rescuers, tackling the most painful aspects of a cyber security incident.

    With our tailored cyber forensics solutions, you can discover which attack took place and determine whether the vulnerability is still active or not, from internet backbone viruses to cloud infringements to ransomware and spyware. We have got you covered!

    Threat intelligence from ECS offers incident personnel foresight into the assailants' TTP, assisting in comprehensive threat response and restoration.

    Our expert crew who hold years of experience will rapidly assist in scoping and deploying the tools required for a swift response to even the most advanced hacking attacks.

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    What Makes Us Unique?

    • When an infringement is suspected, the clock is ticking. Our multilateral, 24/7 investigation team will quickly analyze and eliminate menaces to avert losses to your frameworks, no matter the size of your system or the number of edge devices in your architecture.
    • Many enterprises have been positively impacted by our assistance in understanding the potential of cross-functional cyber incident response. And, since our structure is customizable and recursive, it can be tailored to your institution's broadening strategic goals and readiness.
    • We offer comprehensive advice and actions to take to remediate the occurrence so you can get back to work, as well as primary prevention.
    • Lastly, we offer end-to-end cyber incident response services to support our clientele in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from cyber incidents throughout the incident life span.

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