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Database servers keep private data on them. The field of digital forensic science known as "database forensics" focuses on the analysis of databases and the data they store. Database forensics examines who accesses the database and the activities that are carried out. Criminal investigators look for information related to significant data security breaches. It is also responsible for data recovery forensic services.

Database forensics is frequently used in contemporary criminal investigations as investigators look for motives, methods, and suspects. A notable court battle between two major corporations was whether database software had correctly computed the residual value of a fleet of 45,000 leased cars. Database forensics can also be used to check business agreements. Many digital forensic experts opt for this method.

    In the cases highlighted below you will require the database forensics

    How Does ECS Database Forensics Services Help?

    examining the information, we have gathered

    It is a crucial component of a research project because it lets the researcher make decisions based on the information at hand and determine whether the data will be useful in advancing the study topic.

    forensic data collection

    the process of lawfully gathering or photographing data from a device or cloud-based source for forensic examination, research, or evaluation.

    collecting crucial metadata

     Metadata is important for supporting data governance initiatives, regulatory compliance requirements, and data management processes because it reflects how data is utilized and aids in understanding the data that lies behind it.

    submitting thorough reports or testimony

    Data offers a way to track advancement in all aspects of our life.

    recovering deleted data

    Restoring data that has been lost, mistakenly deleted, corrupted, or rendered inaccessible is the process of data recovery.

    making schedules

    A carefully crafted schedule creates a natural rhythm and regularity.

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    What Makes Us Unique?

    Our main goal is data extraction from electronic evidence, conversion into usable intelligence, and presentation of the results for prosecution are the major objectives of digital forensics. All procedures make use of reliable forensic methods to guarantee that the information is acceptable in court. We focus on the main benefits of the collection of data which are as follows: 

    • Cost
    • Data Quality
    • Speed and Efficiency
    • Visibility and Tracking

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