Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection And Response

We help you collect, store and manage the reliable data using our extensive EDR services

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities ensure customers have comprehensive, real-time and historical visibility of everything that is executed in their environment. Serving so, our team is always ready to help your organization with the best endpoint security activities.

EDR security solutions record the activities and events taking place on endpoints and all workloads, providing security teams with the visibility they need to uncover incidents that would otherwise remain invisible. An EDR solution needs to provide continuous and comprehensive visibility into what is happening on endpoints in real time.

Why EDR Protection?

  • Easily finds attacks and stops them
  • Expose stealthy attacks
  • 24*7 threat intelligence
  • Threat hunting
  • Threat resolving
  • Restoring data and devices
  • Automate complex investigations
  • Streamlining SOC operations
  • Upgrading to higher-security model

EDR core aspects


ECS Strength

  • Endpoint protection features
  • Expertise exploit protection
  • Strong OEM Partnership
  • Dedicated Partner Account Manager
  • Proactive malware detection
  • The most competitive pricing